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Cod Fishing Bundle (9 Complete Rigs)

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Cod Fishing Bundle

Everything you need for your next Cod trip. We all know how conditions can change out on the water. Make sure you have the right rig with you. Our Cod Package gives you a total of 9 rigs. Each rig has it's own characteristics and is fished depending on the conditions you're facing.  All rigs are made with 50LB Fluorocarbon Leader material and 6/0 Octopus Hooks. We find this to be the best combination. You will receive:

Three hand tied Cod Father Rigs - These are our Go-To rigs. Each rig has 2 hand snelled 6/0 octopus hooks on a 5-6" lead off your main line. We've  fished these rigs off of Montauk for 50 years. 

Three hand tied Cod Hi-Lo rigs - These are used when the current is really ripping and/or in very deep water. The 4" dropper loops are more sturdy than our Cod Father rigs and tend to tangle less with the swift current. 

Three hand tied Single Hook Rigs - These rigs shine when the fish are not cooperating and at the end of the season. It is a single hand snelled 6/0 octopus hook on a 9-10" lead. If you find the bite less than perfect swap out to this rig and see what happens!

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