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Custom hand tied fishing rigs and tackle

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3 "BIG RED" Redfish/Drum Rigs (3 Complete Rigs)

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3 "Big Red" Redfish/Drum Rigs

Our most popular rig the "Big Red" rig is tied using 30lb Fluorocarbon Leader material with a 4/0 Octopus hook. This version includes a 1 oz Egg Sinker. The rig is approximately 6-7" long. Studies have shown that using short leader rigs can reduce deep hooking and improve chances of survival for released Redfish/Drum.

The Egg Sinker is held in place by a small lightly crimped sleeve.

We've had some trophy bulls over 30 pounds using these rigs. You will receive 5 complete rigs individually packaged to keep your tackle box tidy (We know the deal)!

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