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Blackfish and Cod Bundle

There's nothing like catching a big Tog or Cod or any wreck fish for that matter. We've grouped together our most popular sellers to make sure you'll have the right rig at the right time.

4 "SNAFU" Rigs

This incredible rig catches BIG Blackfish and other bottom feeders. Each rig has 2 hand snelled 4/0 Octopus Hooks on 50lb Fluorocarbon Leader material. We've used these rigs to target Blackfish (Tog) in the North East for years and they work. You can't find these rigs in your local shop.

Our hand tied rigs use 100% abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon LEADER material. Only the best material is used. We will make custom rigs/sizes. Just please email us before you order.

Four hand tied "SNAFU" rigs

135lb SPRO Barrel Swivel (Less line spin) with Palomar Knot

50 pound 100 Percent Fluorocarbon Leader.

2 4/0 Octopus hooks hand snelled

5 Fluorocarbon Leader Old School Blackfish/Tautog Single Hook Fishing rigs

This is the rig we've fished for over 50 years. We call it the Old School Tog rig. You probably fished this rig if you've fished Party Boats on the East Coast. The single hook hangs lower than the sinker. This is very important when Blackfishing. Our rigs are all hand tied and hand snelled. The bottom loop is used for your sinker. A must have rig to bring on your next outing.

Do not buy cheap rigs and lose fish! We only use top of the line gear. Everything is hand tied using the best hooks and line. You can find rigs for less however they are made with cheap components. The last thing you want after hooking that lunker is having your equipment fail.

Five hand tied Fluorocarbon Leader Single Hook Blackfish rigs:

  • 135lb SPRO Power Swivel (Less line spin).
  • 50 pound 100 Percent Fluorocarbon Leader.
  • 4/0 Hand Snelled Octopus hooks.
5 "White Chin" Hi Lo rigs - Blackfish | Seabass | Cod

Our hand tied rigs use 100% abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon Leader material. Catch Seabass, cod, black fish or any other bottom dweller. Only the best material is used. These rigs will out fish your other rigs. Our customers tell us so and we've been fishing them for over 50 years. The way the rigs are tied works. Grab some for your next outing! 

Perfect rigs for the boat, pier or beach. 

Five hand tied Fluorocarbon Leader Material Hi Lo rigs.

30 pound 100 Percent Fluorocarbon Leader
130lb Barrel Swivel (Less line spin)
4/0 Octopus hooks 
6MM Beads

For custom orders (painted lures) please allow 1 week delivery

We will make custom rigs/sizes. Just please email us before you order.